Australia Street Style


Fashion Columnist Haili Z seeks out Australia’s runways, boutiques, and top fashion houses this fall to explore the trends from down under. In the cities of Perth and Sydney, Haili also spots the street fashion. Plenty of style in two of Australia’s fashion capitals to go around and what better way to pull style inspiration than from the locals wearing the local fashion.

Sass and Bide is a household name to Australians and is a top fashion house in the country. Using whimsical patterns and always on the edge of fashion, Sass and Bide is always sure to create statement pieces to spice up any wardrobe and is definitely catered to the fearless fashionista. Founded by Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton the designers created a remarkable brand making apparel for the confident woman who is undoubtedly going to stand out in a Sass and Bide piece.

Sass and Bide is on King Street in Perth and Iulia Ilisan is spotted in a lovely Sass and Bide frock. Tailored and fresh, the apparel is clean and chic and the pop of color adds a sort of funky chic vibe to the upmost chic suit that you can find on the streets of Perth. Going into the summer here in Perth – while it is our fall in Texas – this chic suit is lightweight and can sustain the weather of the approaching heat.

While in Sydney I spot out a clean and tailored look at the Sydney Opera House on Bree Mckinnon. Bree wears a wonderful necklace with elegant bright orange blazer from Lemisee Australia, which she purchased at the Paddington Markets. The necklace is from Diva which is an amazing jewelry store located throughout the country with reasonable finds for lovely pieces. Bree’s jeans are from J-Brand and her tee is from Witchery, which is a boutique located throughout Australia and is available to view online.

While in Perth I spot out an eclectic and fun look worn by Carly Banting. ‘My inspiration changes from time to time, but I’m always retro inspired.’ says Carly. She goes on to tell me her fashion inspiration ‘I’d say the flavour of the month at the moment is Miss Lana Del Rey. She is a little bit edgy, but super feminine and her look is always polished and natural. Whether she’s just wearing shorts, a t-shirt and converse, or the timeless elegance of a 50’s movie star. I take inspiration from her devotion to americana, and always like to say that I’m dressed for a trip to the Hamptons to play tennis with the Kennedy’s!’ I loved Carly’s look that was retro chic which is exactly why I pictured her look in Perth.

Also in Perth I spotted Jessica Fleishcher looks gorgeous in an elegant dress which is also in season with just the right color – a vibrant orange which is perfect for the summer. The dress she wears is from Forever New. An elegant find that is perfect for a night out or in this case a perfect day dress for Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth.

Australia’s street fashion is chic and functional. The major trend in Australia is tribal prints and vibrant colors and inspiration for style is always pulled from the fashionable street style.







Also featured in Victoria Advocate, The Examiner, and Woman’s InSiteĀ 


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